Har-Tru® and clay are increasingly becoming the tennis court surface of choice among top training facilities, competition venues, tennis and country clubs. Although we feature the construction, renovation and maintenance of Har-Tru® brand clay courts, we also service and construct traditional natural red clay courts. Whether we are building a single tennis court or designing and constructing a multi-court facility, we are committed to providing exceptional clay court surfaces and second-to-none customer service.

There are various clay court blends used on the market today. The primary resource we use at Sport Builders is Har-Tru. Har-Tru produces several products that we use everyday to build, reconstruct, recondition and maintain courts.


  • Har Tru dries quickly after a rain and allows you to play even in light rain.
  • Har Tru is easier on the body reducing common tennis injuries.  
  • The surface is produced from crushed stone making it durable but porous at the same time allowing water to pass through.
  • Har Tru courts require daily maintenance and annual reconditioning which will keep the court in great shape indefinitely.
  • The surface temperature is 10-15 degrees cooler than a traditional hard court. 
  • Har Tru can be installed over cracked hard courts and new construction installations are relatively simple.
  • There are multiple Har-Tru brand blends available including Hydroblend which is used for sub-surface irrigated courts called Hydrocourts and American Red Clay which has the look and appearance of a European red clay court but features the playing characteristics of a traditional Har-Tru court.                                                                             
  • ClayTech® or all-weather clay can be played on year around including the cold winter months in the Northeast. ClayTech is a synthetic overlay system that actually uses real Har Tru which is filtered into the fabric strands of the system. ClayTech courts also requires little maintenance and annual reconditioning is not required. This is a great system to install over a cracked hard courts.
  • Har-Tru also recently began importing European red clay. Please feel free to call us concerning this material blend. European red clay is easier to slide on and plays slower than traditional Har-Tru and American Red Clay Courts.
  • Beam clay is manufactured from natural material that are blended, pulverized and screened. Traditional red clay courts that are watered with above ground irrigation system use beam clay. Beam clay serves as the court base. Typically there is 3-4” clay base. For playability, a manufactured red brick dust serves as the top dressing material. There are several variations of red brick dust including European Red and American Red. Natural red clay courts are still played on at some of the most exclusive and oldest tennis clubs throughout the United States and beyond. Although Har-Tru courts are easier to work with, Sport Builders also services and constructs natural red clay courts.