Sport Builders is an authorized installer of Plexipave® acrylic color coating products. Use the Plexipave colorizer to select their court colors.

Sport Builders is an authorized installer of Sport Master® acrylic color coating products. Use the Sport Master color court designer to select their court colors.


“I believe painting a tennis court is an art form and we take it very seriously.”

Acrylic Coating Systems are multi-layer latex based paint systems that establish or restore surface texture, protect underlying asphalt systems from the weather and climatic change, enhance overall playability by establishing play speed and ultimately provide the surface with a vibrant color scheme. A Cushioned surface option combines the same consistency and durability as a typical coating system application but adds layers of rubber particles or "cushion" to absorb shock and reduce the impact on a player's body. Bright white playing lines are the finishing touch to accentuate the color contrast between the center playing area and the perimeter of the court. Sport Builders installs various types of acrylic coating systems, including Annual Color Coating Systems, Standard Coating Systems and Cushion Coating Systems.


Is a sand-filled acrylic emulsion that is designed to fill minor depressions and voids found in asphalt while improving the bond between the old playing surface and new surface. Sand is injected into acrylic resurfacer to create the appropriate surface texture. Depending on the type of application, Sport Builders alters the sand size accordingly. We typically use multiple coats of acrylic resurfacer on new asphalt courts or severely worn hard courts that have extensive damage.

Is a sand filled, non-slip 100% acrylic all-weather emulsion designed for color-coating tennis, basketball and multi-sport recreational surfaces with concrete and asphalt bases. A super fine silica sand is injected into the material to create playability factors while reducing streaking or highlighting of the surface material.

Is an acrylic emulsion coating fortified with rubber particles. Used to establish cushioned thickness on the initial court surfaces. Course rubber particles are used in the initial coats and ultimately provide surface resiliency.

Acrylic emulsion that provides resilience and establishes the payability factors on the finished tennis court surface. Contains fine rubber particles which fills the voids created from the base rubber. Fine rubber ultimately creates player comfort and slows down the pace of play.

Consists of a primer coat followed by the installation of 2 textured line paint coats. The primer is a clear 100% emulsion that ensures crisp clean lines by sealing the voids between the masking tape and the court. The line paint is specially formulated and injected with silica sand to match the texture of the surrounding court area.



  • Cost-effective, the most affordable surface system.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Comes in 11 attractive colors.
  • Durable and low maintenance. Yearly cleaning and recoating every 5-7 years is recommended.
  • Good for tennis, basketball and inline hockey.
  • Reliable ball bounce and good traction.
  • Court speed can be predetermined by controlling the amount of aggregate added to the top coat.
  • Installation takes about 2-5 days.

Sport Builders is an authorized installer of Plexipave® and Sport Master® coating systems.