Har-Tru® Services and Maintenance

Tennis court resurfacing, restoration and maintenance are specialties of Sport Builders and mainstays of our business. Season after season, we help our clients keep their courts in optimal playing condition through services such as Har-Tru reconditioning, reconstruction procedures, laser lifts, laser grading, court conversions, irrigation system repair and start-up and a superior array of tennis court maintenance and enhancement products. Because it is our job to keep players on the court, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing superior workmanship with unparalleled responsiveness. We offer annual service contracts that are customized to meet each client’s needs and budget, ensuring that commercial and private facilities alike enjoy superior playing conditions year after year.

Each year Sport Builders prepares hundreds of Har-Tru courts and Hydrocourts for another season of play. Annual reconditioning is typically performed in the spring and includes compacting the court base, cleaning the playing surface, applying new top-dressing material and installing playing lines. We remove loose surface granules and debris such as leaves and moss, then use a heavy-duty roller to compact the remaining material, correcting any low spots as we work. Each court then receives two tons of new Har-Tru, which restores the desired playability characteristics to the court. Playing lines are then installed according to USTA specifications. This step is followed by a final application of Har-Tru, which is spread onto the surface and thoroughly brushed before nets and center straps are installed. To further assist our clients in maintaining their Har Tru courts, Sport Builders creates a custom maintenance plan for each facility and reviews it with the maintenance staff or court owner to ensure the work is performed correctly. We also make ourselves available for continuing touch-up maintenance throughout the playing season.

Over time, red clay courts can become hard and develop cracking, plant and weed growth. Sport Builders offers annual reconditioning to address these issues and to keep red clay courts in excellent condition. The reconditioning process is similar to that described above for Har-Tru and Hydrocourts.

Increasingly over the years, our clients ask us to “tune up” their Har-Tru, Hydrocourts or natural red clay courts during the playing season. Prior to big social events, corporate outings or prize money tournaments, courts that receive this treatment perform at their best.  By the end of June, courts typically need some additional attention due high play demand and the transition from spring to summer. This process typically includes the removal of a small percentage of excess surface material (called dead material), low spot repair, the re-application of fresh top dressing material, moss and algae remediation especially along the courts perimeter, surface scarification (especially on Hydrocourts), line adjustments and irrigation modifications. Typically we can work on one court at a time so the club has very little down time.  

Courts should be watered, rolled and brushed on a regular basis. We also can provide on site training of maintenance personal to ensure your courts are being taken care of properly. Our maintenance manuel provides detailed instructions for keeping your Har-Tru court in optimal condition.

Download our Har-Tru Maintenance Manual