Har-Tru® and Clay Court Construction

We offer complete court construction services, innovative renovation solutions and cost-effective resurfacing options for aging Har-Tru tennis and natural red clay courts. For over 10 years, Sport Builders has been reconditioning Har-Tru tennis and natural red clay courts throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland and Connecticut. We are an official Har-Tru Tennis Court Contractor whose products we feature and install.

As a full-service tennis court company, we can take care of all your annual start-up needs and maintenance issues that may arise during the season and we can close down your courts at the end of the season. If more serious court issues arise, Sport Builders features major renovation procedures such as laser lifts and court conversions (ie. Har-Tru courts can be built right on top of of old cracked hard courts) and even Hydrocourt installations. For a free court court analysis and estimate to recondition your courts this spring, please contact owner Matt Jacobs at 610-779-7875.

Har Tru is a premier court surface that is easy on players’ feet, backs and legs by allowing players to slide. This allows for energy transfer from the player's movement into the surface, which reduces stress on the body. The surface also lends itself to strategic play because the surface actually slows down speed of play. Finally, Har-Tru courts are porous which allows water to pass through the various layers of the court producing a cooler court surface due to water retention. Water also helps compact the final Har-Tru surface layer. All courts with a Har-Tru surface require an above ground irrigation system with sprinkler heads or an underground irrigation system called a Hydrocourt.

As a licensed Har-Tru builder we can build anything from a single backyard court to multiple courts at tennis facilities or country clubs. We can build traditional Har-Tru courts or natural red clay courts with state-of-the-art above ground irrigation systems or Hydrocourts with sub-surface irrigation systems.

The Ha-Tru base on older courts can become extremely thin allowing stones from the courts base to penetrate to the playing surface. The erosion of the court base can also cause slope failure which will continue to lead to depressions, poor drainage and inconsistent playing conditions. The procedure to remedy this situation is called a laser lift which corrects the slope of the court while improving the density of the Har-Tru base. Irrigation systems can also be upgraded or Hydro systems (sub-surface irrigation) can be installed in conjunction with a lift procedure. Sport Builders can also construct Har-Tru or Hydrocourts right on top of old cracked hard courts.

Sport Builders can prepare Har-Tru, Hydrocourts and even Natural Red Clay courts every spring for seasonal play. Our procedures includes surface cleaning, compaction, surface repairs, top dressing and line installation. Sport Builders can also install windscreens, nets and can take care of surface maintenance that comes up during the playing season. We also offer mid-season tune-ups which can really ensure solid playing conditions throughout the entire playing season.