Synthetic Overlay for Hard Courts

“Courts that are extremely old and cracked but have limited construction access can be overlaid with a synthetic playing surface. When there are access and budgetary concerns, a floating playing surface can be installed right over the old court. This process is faster and less invasive than complete court reconstruction procedures and they are proven to last.”

Aged hard courts eventually require resurfacing to restore their playability and visual appeal, but due to extensive structural damage more aggressive repair may be required. As an alternative to reconstruction such as asphalt overlays or stone dust overlays, Sport Builders customers can opt to have a synthetic overlay system installed over a damaged hard court. Synthetic overlay systems are a cushioned, crack proof, maintenance-free surface designed and proven to solve existing court problems. The surface design ensures long-term success because it covers the entire court area. Typically, the court base (old court) can be prepared by leveling the surface with cement skim coats and by aggressively repairing all structural cracking with a cement compound. After the court is repaired, the selected system is installed over the entire court surface.The material is dense and thick but has the ability to move because its not actually glued to the existing court surface. It is this floating effect that prevents structural cracks from finding their way to the surface. The material is sealed at the perimeter preventing moisture from getting under the system.

There are several synthetic overlay options to consider, including synthetic grass, synthetic clay and synthetic cushioned hard courts. These systems can be installed quickly and with minimal disturbance to the surrounding grounds. They all provide consistent ball bounce, traction and speed of play. These durable, dependable surfaces also tend to blend well with most landscapes, making them a popular choice for private court owners, tennis facilities and country clubs. Popular synthetic overlay brand options that are¬†available through Sport Builders include NGI Sports® and Har-Tru ClayTech¬ģ. Please check out our guide to synthetic surfaces for more information on the various options available. Sport Builders provides a 3-year warranty against surface cracking. The manufacturer provides additional warranties against material failure.

SYNTHETIC HARD COURTS (NGI SPORTS)- are a cushioned crack free playing surfaces that perform similar to traditional hard courts. These surfaces are installed by seaming rolls of the material together over the existing hard court, then sealing it along the court's perimeter using a fabric membrane that prevents water from penetrating the system. The membrane floats over the court surface, (it is not glued to the surface) so cracks do not reappear after it is installed. After installation an acrylic coating system is applied over the surface in the desired color scheme. Typical installations include the Titan Trax Shield® (considered a full court crack repair system) which is a cost effective, lightweight membrane system that prevents cracks from returning to the surface or the ultimate system option is the Nova Pro Bounce®, which is a cushioned hard court system that is easy on the body but has the same playing and visual characteristics as hard court. Nova Pro Bounce can be installed over a stone/gravel base, an old clay court or an existing cracked hard court.


  • Excellent solution for cracked hard courts or old clay courts.
  • Eco-sensitive.
  • Quick installation turn around.
  • Cushioned surface is comfortable to play on.
  • Decreased player fatigue and reduction of stress injuries.
  • No dead spots.
  • Excellent ball response and consistent traction.
  • Multi-year warranty.