Hard Court Construction

“Just grab a racquet and play, that's the biggest advantage of a hard court.”

Sport Builders has been offering all-weather hard court construction services throughout the Northeast for more than a decade. Well known for bringing in projects on time and on budget, Sport Builders offers turn-key installations from small single-court projects for private homeowners to large multi-court projects for country clubs, tennis clubs, resorts, colleges, municipalities and homeowner associations.

The process of building an all-weather hard court or courts begins with a preliminary meeting to discuss court location, number of courts, dimensions, orientation, surface, budgetary concerns, fence design and additional amenities such as lighting, hitting walls and windscreens. Following this initial consultation, Sport Builders provides a detailed proposal, including an overall design plan, a comprehensive scope of work, construction timeline and payment structure.

Hard court construction begins with excavating, rough grading and compacting the court’s sub-base. This is followed by a unique laser grading procedure that creates an even playing surface with the correct pitch. Drainage will also be installed under or around the court if necessary to divert potential water problems. The stone base is constructed with eight inches of crushed stone that is laser graded and compacted to a six-inch depth. The asphalt foundation of the court features two layers of asphalt called a binder course and a wearing course, which is actually formulated just for tennis and multi-sport applications. After a 21-day curing period, during which the asphalt hardens, the final step is the installation of an acrylic coating system. This serves as the finished playing surface that is designed to seal the voids in the asphalt, create playability characteristics and establish the final color scheme. Along the way, Sport Builders will have installed footers for net posts, as well as fence posts and fencing around the court’s perimeter. To ready the court for play, Sport Builders will supply the finishing touches by installing the tennis net and other amenities such as lighting systems, windscreens, paver patios, walkways and basketball systems.

In addition to building hard courts, Sport Builders’ comprehensive construction capabilities include indoor tennis courts, QuickStart tennis courts, fencing, lighting, walkways, retaining walls, logo applications and more. We encourage you to browse the rest of our website to learn more about the products we use and other services we offer. Should you have any questions regarding building or maintaining tennis courts or other sports surfaces, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-966-9908.