“A court is more than just the surface you play on.”

Sport Builders does more than just surface tennis courts, we can construct the structural components surrounding the court. By offering a full spectrum of services from surface to surroundings, we can control costs, keep projects on schedule, and most importantly, ensure overall job quality. Sport Builders is prepared to address any "off the court" situation, from enhancing the surroundings of a private tennis court with hardscaping, to the installation of complicated drainage and retaining wall systems. Some of our ancillary services includes:

Sport Builders can demolish and properly dispose of old court surfaces, fencing and surrounding court elements. Through excavation and rough grading services we can also properly construct the sub-base needed for new court construction.

Retaining walls are designed and installed to retain ground elevation change. Due to extensive elevation changes, retaining walls are often necessary to establish the footprint required for a tennis court. Various materials such as stone, masonry, hardscaping and even timber can used for construction of retaining walls. Often, retaining walls, when incorporated into the design, create the most attractive courts.

Walkways can be installed leading to and around courts. Walkways and patios are a major design feature of all court construction projects. The walkway will allow players, spectators and maintenance personnel access while patio areas allow better player viewing and seating opportunities. We feature the design and installation of EP Henry® hardscaping products. The installation of hardscaping products truly adds beauty and originality to any court design.

Various types of drains are often needed to divert water coming off the court or underneath it. Drains will exit into retention basins or public sewer lines. Drainage is vital for storm water management. It will protect against flooding and manage excess surface run off. We install ABT® Sport Drainage systems.

Irrigation is a major component of Har-Tru® and natural red clay courts. Irrigation systems deliver water to Har-Tru, which keeps it together, ensuring consistent playing conditions and giving Har-Tru courts that rich dark green color. Sport Builders custom builds all of our irrigation systems to give courts the necessary water coverage for ultimate playing conditions. Although sub-surface irrigation or Hydrocourts are typical to new construction, a well-designed sprinkler system or updated system is still an effective way to deliver water to Har-Tru courts. We install several name brand products on the market today such as Toro®, Hunter® and Nelson irrigation products.